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Data Center & Network Project

Data Center & Network Project
Clients: Habib Bank Bahrain
Category: DataCenter
Date: 10/10/2023

Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI) Approach:

  • Flexible, end-to-end UPI-based solutions help meet business and technology
  • Challenges head on for a smarter, unified business foundation
  • Mitigate Risk – Efficient physical infrastructure management enables
    seamless integration to reduce risks which can occur throughout
    the network.
  • Lower Cost – Panduit physical infrastructure solutions drive financial advantages
    to reduce energy and occupancy costs, and help secure competitive advantage
  • Increase Agility – A high level of integration within the physical infrastructure
    enables flexibility and improved business agility.
  • Enhance Sustainability – UPI-based solution offerings enable organizations to
    meet sustainability goals by driving resource and energy efficiencies across the physical infrastructure.