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Door Access Control In Bahrain

Marvel Business Consultants Bahrain offer access control solutions ranging from single door stand alone systems to multi door access systems to fully-featured integrated solutions for controlling access to multiple facilities with complex requirements.

Most of these companies combine Access Control, Video surveillance, and Intrusion systems to have a complete solution for protecting their people and their assets. Integration is a complex process whereby different systems are made to communicate and interact with each other to achieve a specific purpose. The benefits of a well-design system will reduce the cost of security issues and other crimes, and increase productivity via video-verified reporting of tardy and non-productive behaviour by employees.

Marvel Business Consultants Bahrain has been providing professional Door Access Control Systems for businesses in Bahrain and nearby areas since 2006. we are ideally qualified and experienced to undertake a comprehensive security system assessment on your behalf, to keep your workplace fully documented, compliant and safe. Depending on your requirements, our team of experts can advise you on the best way to protect and monitor your home or business. Every installation is carried out by one of our specialist engineers so you can be assured everything will be completed to the highest standard.

Marvel is the Leading Supplier of Biometric Access Control System in Bahrain

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Biometric Door Access Control Bahrain

Biometric access control systems find applications across various industries in Dubai. In corporate offices, these systems provide a sophisticated and foolproof means of securing sensitive data centers, executive areas, and restricted zones. Healthcare facilities benefit from biometrics by ensuring that only authorized personnel can access patient records, medical supplies, and critical areas such as operating rooms and laboratories.

Government institutions also rely on biometric systems to strengthen security protocols. By implementing biometrics, access to classified information, government facilities, and high-security areas is tightly regulated, minimizing the risk of breaches and unauthorized access.

Card Based Access Control In Bahrain

The fastest growing technology for access control applications, proximity readers continuously transmit a low-level fixed radio frequency (RF) signal that provides energy to the card. When the card is held at a certain distance from the reader, the RF signal is absorbed by a small coil inside the card that powers up the card’s microchip, which contains a unique identification code. Once powered, the card transmits the code to the reader. The whole process is completed in microseconds. The big advantage of proximity over other technologies lies in its simplicity. There are no moving parts, no mechanical wear, no slots, and no read heads to maintain. The proximity card is extremely secure and practically impossible to duplicate. Proximity cards are less prone to physical damage or loss, saving you money in reduced card replacement costs.
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Face Recognition Access Control System

Marvel Face Recognition Access Control provides touchless door unlock by simply walking up to a door, looking at the Face Reader, and the door unlocks. Facial recognition bahrain device is the fastest, most accurate biometric identification system for identifying your employees and visitors. Our top of the line facial recognition devices feature a full range of functions that allow you to capture, analyze, and compare faces in seconds.
The facial recognition access control system can be used in many ways such as high-end residential and commercial applications, including offices, banks, hotels and medical facilities. With the cutting-edge facial recognition technology, this door access control product offers a new level of security for businesses and homes.

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