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Vehicle Access Control In Bahrain

Marvel Business Consultants Bahrain has been providing professional Vehicle Access Control System for businesses in Bahrain and nearby areas since 2006. we are ideally qualified and experienced to undertake a comprehensive security system assessment on your behalf, to keep your workplace fully documented, compliant and safe. Depending on your requirements, our team of experts can advise you on the best way to protect and monitor your home or business. Every installation is carried out by one of our specialist engineers so you can be assured everything will be completed to the highest standard.

Marvel Bahrain has developed RFID and Cloud-enabled vehicle access control, and parking for various industries such as healthcare, construction, oil, gas, and manufacturing.

An RFID access control system can provide an easy and efficient solution for vehicle access control. RFID badges can be read from much further distances than other traditional technologies and the embedded electronic information for each badge can be over-written repeatedly. The increased reading distance thus enables other tracking technologies like surveillance cameras to be activated in conjunction with their vicinity. Furthermore, multiple RFID badges can be read all at the same time.

The Marvel Business Consultants Bahrain is recognized as a technology leader in the security system industry and an Access Control System Suppliers of RFID Access Controls, Biometric Access Controls, Vehicle Access Control Systems, Gate Barriers, and Turnstile in Bahrain.

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Vehicle Parking System Bahrain

Marvel provides RFID based vehicle access control systems which can be integrated with parking management systems. Our solution includes smart card access or UHF (long range) access control, Boom Barrier, Controller and Access Management. Vehicles are tagged with UHF tags which are read by the long range reader upto 12 meters of distance, which in turn gets integrated with visitors parking management software & building management software.

Advantages of RFID Vehicle Access Control System:

The RFID Parking Control System is a control and monitoring system designed for use at residential condominiums, gated communities, business parking garages, university parking areas, and hospitality or retail centers. The system is powered by three key components:

These three components work together to provide vehicle parking control, and is highly customizable to fit the requirements of any parking facility.

Our powerful access control system that is designed for large commercial installations to provide automated access control and an enhanced level of security. Whether it is a commercial tower or sprawling tech campus, our access control system delivers a reliable way for building management and company owners to control access. Marvel products are a one stop solution for all your security needs with modern solution that easily enables you to grant authorized users access to specific rooms and areas in your building without the need for expensive rekeying.

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