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Cyber Security Services in Bahrain

Superior Cybersecurity Tailored for Bahrain

Your business can’t afford data breaches or system attacks. Marvel utilizes cutting-edge solutions to create an impenetrable shield around your digital environment.

What is Cyber Security? It’s the focus and approach towards protecting computer environments. Cyber security services at a holistic level that includes applications,workstations, routers, data, and permissions is all part of the Cyber Security philosophy of threat prevention.

Cyber Security Services in Bahrain

Data Breach Prevention

What is a Data Breach? It is unauthorized access to private data by a cyber-criminal or disgruntled employee. In order to protect your technology assets on all levels of your organization, a prevention plan created from risk and vulnerability assessments must be implemented to plan all your mitigation needs.


Penetration Testing

What is Penetration Testing? A Penetration or “Pen” Test is a simulated attack exercise to help a security administrator identify security vulnerabilities before hackers do. A Pen Test can cover many different functions for computer devices, software, and processes.


Vulnerability Assessment

What is a Vulnerability Assessment? A Vulnerability Assessment is the determination of weaknesses while also ranking impact severity in a computer system. A support team can take this information and implement mitigation needed to resolve issues, and also improve upon them.


Cyber Security Risk Assessment and Analysis

Assessing Cybersecurity Risks for a Business in Bahrain. Understanding the threat level or risk, whether it’s small, medium, or high and also defining the impact levels to your business associated with the level of severity, will help keep your IT Budget constraints to a minimum.


Marvel: Leading Cyber Security Consultants:

Cyber Security Report Analysis:

Through these examination offerings, Marvel can provide impact ranking in dashboard findings analysis. We provide both technical and C-level reading formats to help deliver a solid and detailed dashboard format for all levels of risk management. Our final reports are comprehensive, with both basic and advanced detail-orientated using risk tolerance rankings, and overall landscape weaknesses and strengths to help you implement the most secured infrastructure, possible.

Cyber Security Response Teams:

Rapid alert and response escalation designing is also available to ensure “live”attacks or incursions are immediately detected, addressed and logged for future quality assurance. Incident Response is also important for the attacks that make it through the existing framework. An escalation team must address the incident based on the level of impact from the breach. Marvel can provide post forensic analysis but also overall escalation that can help your response teams manage future incidents in the long term.

Cyber Security: The “Reality Check”

As soon as your company’s firewall was turned on, your network has beenunder constant attack from cybercriminals. This is an unspoken truth that many people do not realize outside of the cyber security industry. Port scanners, probing, scamming strategies, all of these violation attempts touch your intranet perimeter 24x7x365!

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