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SYSCALL Guest Pager in Bahrain

Marvel Bahrain is Gold Partner with SYSCALL

Guest Pager

Guest paging system can be used anywhere for the waiting people.

Guest Pager Series

Syscall’s Signature Guest pager is compact sizeand  fits in one hand.

Compact and convenient pagers give drivers the freedom to wait in their vehicle.

The unique design inspired by Diamond and a perfect size of logo sticker space.

One of our most popular guest pager model.

Compact and unique doughnut Pager

Slim type guest paging system can be used anywhere for the waiting people.

Slim type guest paging

Slim type guest paging system

GP-2000T is designed very modern and compact in size.

Guest Pager Features


All-in-one type guest paging system – charging unit combined with its transmitter.


Extend the system up to 2 SET which are 1 to 10 and 11 to 20.


Promote your brand by attaching the logo on the pager and cradle.


You can choose 10 or 20 pager set as your type of business.


It is designed smaller and thinner for user’s convenience.


Increased battery capacity and operating range.

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