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Gate Barriers In Bahrain

Control vehicles accessing your facilities in Bahrain with high-performance gate barriers from global security leaders…
Marvel Business Consultants in Bahrain provides high performance, durable and smart barrier gates with varied beam lengths to cover narrow parking entrances to ultrawide-industrial entry points or large toll gates. Our boom barriers can be fitted with highly sensitive detection sensors, proximity and UHF cards and fobs readers, number plate recognition systems, or payment systems to offer unmatched convenience.

All boom barriers offered by Marvel in Bahrain are highly efficient and made by leaders in the physical security sector like HIKVISION and MAIRS. Automated and manual security barriers offered by us suits the needs of a range of facilities including parking lots at shopping malls, airports, stadiums, hotels, public places, and at complex junctions like ports, rail, tunnels and industrial facilities.

The Marvel Business Consultants Bahrain is recognized as a technology leader in the security system industry and an Access Control System Suppliers of RFID Access Controls, Biometric Access Controls, Vehicle Access Control Systems, Gate Barriers, and Turnstile in Bahrain.

Our barrier gate or boom barriers portfolio includes Access Gates, Parking Barriers, Toll Gates, and Traffic Barriers. Our barrier gates can be integrated with RFID card reading, vehicle detection systems and sensors to recognise vehicles and stop rogue or tailgating entries.

Marvel Bahrain is a leading supplier for boom barriers in Bahrain and the wider middle east. Get the right solution for your facility at great prices from us, talk to our product team today.

Marvel Business Consultants is a leading supplier for bollards and traffic barriers in the region. Get the right solution for your facility at great prices from us, talk to our product team today.


Marvel Bahrain supplies arm barriers for access control at parking zones and company/factory grounds from world-leading brands in Bahrain. Our solutions offer extended functionalities including automatic or remote control opening and closing. Most of our access gate barriers come with arm barriers, control systems and access proximity readers etc.


Parking barriers are used to prevent both people and vehicles access into the parking. Parking barriers come in various boom lengths, with foldable barrier arms to fit the needs of multi-floored parking spaces, limited roof height etc. Our parking barriers from HIKVISION and MAIRS offer rapid opening times, are cost-effective and easy to handle.

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