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Queue Management in Bahrain

Queue Management Solutions In Bahrain

At Marvel we provide organizations with state-of-the art Queue Management Systems. Marvel Queue Management System or “Snappy Queuing System” is a customer flow management system that allows you to organize customers in an efficient and effective way on the basis of smart and intelligent business and environmental based indicators and parameters.

Marvel is an electronic queue system is completely IP based which makes it more scalable and robust than any product available in the market. We have online booking (through website and mobile application) portal that makes it easier for the customers to manage their visit more efficiently and conveniently.

This tool helps business to reduce number of people waiting in their premises.Our self-serve Queue management kiosk takes away the stress of reception managed token number distribution. In order to provide controlled distribution of the token numbers, our system also empowers businesses with our reception managed ticket dispensers that create more responsive and adequate environment for everyone. it also provide tools like Real Time Analytical & Graphical report, Live Dashboards, Alerts and notifications (and much more) to improve staff efficiency and also plays a key role in increased customer satisfaction. Marvel provides both Wired and Wireless queuing system technology which makes it easier & flexible for our clients to manage their infrastructure based on their needs. it is completely IP based which makes relocating devices efficiently, cost effective and seamless.

QMS Software | Features & BENEFITS

Types Of Products

4K Digital Signage Player

QMS Server with Ticket Dispenser

Ticket Dispenser – Free Standing

Counter Call Unit

Ticket Dispenser – Desktop

Call Unit | Web Based

Counter Display

Digital Signage + Queue Status


Marvel’s Mobile Application is one of the most advance tools available in the queue management solutions that enable customers get in the queue with the convenience of sitting on their comfy couch at home. All you need to do is download our app from “App Store” or “Google Play Store”.

Besides getting in the queue and getting the token numbers, our mobile app has a lot more features For example, this app can also be used to collect the feedback from the customer, make online appointment booking, retrieve booking, find nearest branch and much more. Our online booking makes it easier for the customers to manage their visit more efficiently and conveniently. This tool helps business to reduce number of people waiting in their premises.

Our Online location finder makes it easy for the ADHOC customer to navigate to the nearest branch with less waiting time. With this feature, our Real-time synchronization provides user the information right to the seconds (number of people waiting, estimated waiting time etc.) so that customer can make right decision. Due to the real-time updates, customer gets up to date information for any changes occurs on the business service level. For example, user gets notified if the branch is closed for renovation, change in business hours etc.”


Marvel’s is the pioneer in introducing outdoor queue management solutions in the region. This solution has provided many customer a unique way of handling customer inflow in the large open area. This system can be used to manage the following areas:

Web Based Analytical & Graphical Reports

Attendant Activity Logs

Attendant Activity Summary

Attendant Status Counter Wise

Attendant Status Service Wise

Avg. Waiting Time Bar

Counter / Room Wise Report

Counter Flow

Customers Inflow

Token Receipts


We provide one year warranty on all our products ensuring smooth running for a longer time.


Marvel QMS offers free training on how to use our advanced QMS corporate communications making it easy to use and understand.


Our team provides free installation for QMS products like software confuguration to ensure they fit properly at the venue.


Marvel QMS is at your service for free trouble shooting up to 3 months  problems to ensure smooth running for longer period of time.


Marvel believes in providing diverse range of products and offer wide range of services among QMS companies in Bahrain.


With our professionalism we ensure complete client satisfaction and focus on all the needs of our clients for QMS.

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