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Server Room Monitoring

Server Room Monitoring
Clients: Confidential
Category: DataCenter
Date: 07/20/2023

Environmental monitoring products enable you to actively monitor the conditions in your rack, server room, data centre or anywhere else you need to protect critical assets. The conditions monitored include extreme temperatures, humidity, power spikes and surges, water leaks, smoke and chemical materials. With proper environmental monitoring, you’re alerted to any condition that could have an adverse effect on your mission-critical equipment. These products can also alert you to potential damage from human error, hacking or prying fingers.

An environmental monitoring system consists out of three main elements: a base unit or hub, probes or sensors, and network connectivity and integration. The hubs may contain one or more built-in sensors, as well as ports for hooking up external probes. They also include an Ethernet port and have software for remote configuration and graphing. This software may also work with existing network management software, such as SNMP systems.

NetPing Monitoring Solution GSM3G R61