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Google Ads PPC in Bahrain

Google Ads (PPC)

Advertisement of your businesses and products plays an important part to lure customers towards it. Entrepreneurs spend a good amount of money on ads. However, it is necessary to spend it in the right place. In this regard, Google Ads is the best. Google is the world’s most popular website with about 260 visitors and about 5 billion daily interactions. Later, an advertisement platform named google platform was formed. It is obvious how wide Google’s reach is and it can spread the brand’s awareness like a fire.

How does Google Ads operate?

Google ads are only displayed to the users who are interested in that specific product. It doesn’t bombard any user with useless ads. Your ad is displayed to potential customers by Google ads to whom your product or service may interest. The advertisers use youtube videos, or relevant websites and bid on search terms. Moreover, they can bid through keywords and the winning advertiser is at the top of search results pages. These bids depend on the type of ad campaign they have selected.

Factors Affecting Google Ads


The placement determination of the ads is done by AdRank, and quality score is one of the two factors that determine the AdRank. The quality score depends on the relevance and quality of the ad. However, Google measures that quality by counting the number of clicks, i.e the CTR. CTR depends on the searcher’s intent and how well the ad matches it. It can be deduced from three areas: The keywords relevance CTA deliverance of what the searcher’s intent is, and the ad copies it. The landing page user experience Even before increasing the bid amount, QS is where a person should focus most of their attention when first setting up the google campaign. There will be better placement and lower acquisition when the QS is higher.


You must select a geographical area while setting up the google ad, where the ad will be shown. However, having a store will give you a reasonable radius around the physical location. Furthermore, if a person has an eCommerce store with a physical product, then the location will be set up in the locations of shipments. The location settings play a vital role in placement. For instance, if you own a beauty salon in Florida, someone that enters a beauty salon would not look into the result no matter the AdRank.


For both paid ads as well as organic search keyword research is essential. The keywords should match the searcher’s intent as much as possible. This is due to Google’s ability to match the ad with search queries based on the selected keywords. A small set of keywords will be targeted by each ad group that a person will create within his campaign. As a result, Google will display the ad based on those keyword selections.


Match type tells google whether to match a search query exactly or should the ad be shown to anyone with the search intent that is related to it. There are four match types: Broad Match: It is a default setting that can use the keyword in any order. Modified Broad Match locks in certain words by denoting them with a “+” sign within a phrase or keyword. Furthermore, the matches will include that locked-in word at the very least. Phrase Match: It matches the queries in the exact order of keyword but may include additional words before or after it. Exact Match: It maintains the exact order of the query with the keyword as it is written.


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