We provide Simple Queue Management System for small scale companies that help to have tremendous decrease in customer waiting time and improves service accessibility. We provide Queue Management System in the form of Wireless Queuing System and Wireless Queuing System which is a fast and reliable service that can manage queues effectively

Wireless Queuing System

A wireless queuing system have proved to be the most cost-effective and efficient way to manage the waiting line or queues at any place. This system allows you to extract information on the number of people in the waiting line.


Less single point of failures
system works with minimum number of wires and no network points
Thermal printer compact size to generate the Ticket
Wireless Calling Keypad can call sequentially or randomly
Audio (Chime) announcement Built-in inside the display
RF Communication between the calling pad and the ticket number display

System Components

a) Ticket Dispenser

3 Customized Text Lines
57 mm Thermal Paper width
One Bottom for ticket generating
Easy and simple setup software

b) Calling Pad

Terminal Call-pad Hard
Wired or Wireless
19 function key,4 Digit LCD display
Size: 15(L)*9(w)*2.5(D) cm

c) Counter Display

Wired or Wireless
In built speaker
LED Display 4 Digits bright light tube LED