LED is the smallest unit that can be for the displays to make the biggest displays in a full and high brightness to be viewed from long distances. This type of product and solution can be used outdoor with fully weather proof and indoor as well. With the range of Pitch sizes (4mm to 20mm) we can design any style and shape required. D3 also provide the integration and the customizations to match the customer requirements

Only the Best Components:
Good recipes starts with high quality ingredients, we only use the best components available on the market
Superior Color Uniformity:
We use First Selection LEDs (top 10%) With 5 Nanometers tolerance in color wavelength, to ensure 100% color uniformity
Realistic and Vivid Images:
Our frontal system is designed to provide the highest contrast ratio and color brightness. So images are authentic and life like
Perfect Colors Even in Sunlight:
Display system provides the perfect white even in sunlight, when other screens look pink
Increased Image Quality:
Show more details on the same surface with our HDV pixel technology
The Master LED Software Customization:
Customized Software’s are developed based on client requirements

Display Types

Ticker-Single Line Series for Stores and Information Purposes
Multi Line Series for Stores and Information Purposes
For Advertising, Sports and Events
Watches Series for Any Commercial Activity