Our Migration Services provide you the expertise to reduce the time to market and reap the benefits sooner of your new or upgraded platform.

Are you looking to move to the Office365? Upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Exchange? Move to a hosting facility? There are always risks with change.

Our Migration Services will bring our expertise and experience to make sure the risk is minimized and the project goes as smoothly as possible.

Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

The adoption of cloud technologies changes the landscape for many organizations. The question generally isn’t if an organization should migrate to the cloud, but rather what should be migrated and how. Organizations must benchmark their migration to prove out the timing, migration process and network and storage connectivity. It is also critical to pilot their migration on a predefined application set that validates the migration.

Data Center Migration Services

Many of our customers want to get out of the data center business and are looking to migrate to a hosted or shared location. This creates challenges in many areas and introduces risk to their critical data. If this is not done correctly, unplanned downtime and long outages can negatively impact a business.

Microsoft Exchange Services

Many of our customers are on older versions of email systems and need to migrate. With the introduction of the newer versions of Exchange and Office 365, now is the time to migrate to these new offerings. This can be a costly and time consuming project.

Server Migration Services

Many of our customers have older servers or are running Microsoft Windows Server 2007 and need to migrate. With the announcement that Microsoft Windows Server 2007 is going end of life, now is the time to migrate. In conjunction with newer hardware, migrating can drive down costs and improve SLA’s.

Storage & Data Migration Services

The adoption of new technologies has made storage and data migration a requirement in today’s business. Maximizing availability and performance during the migration is a requirement to any migration. This must all be done while minimizing risk and costs.

Office 365 Migration

Microsoft Office Applications are some of the most recognizable tools in the enterprise. Employees are seldom in a workplace without Word or Excel and over a billion people organize their day in Outlook.We help your business move to Office 365 in a cost-effective, efficient and seamless manner, transforming the way your organization does business and helping you reap the many benefits of Office 365.